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Yutaka Kano, Ph.D
Title: Professor
Email: kano @
Phone: +81-424-43-5586
Office: East-6 Bldg. 907

Research Fields
Applied Physiology: muscle plasticity to exercise, microcirculation, oxygen exchange, cell membrane function.

Summary of Research Activities
The purpose of our research is to examine the mechanisms contributing to the skeletal muscle blood flow, oxygen exchange and cell membrane function on disease muscle conditions such as aging, inactivity and exercise-induced muscle damage. Recently, we have demonstrated that eccentric exercise results in an altered capillary geometry in muscle. To date, however, it is unknown whether microcirculatory function and the capacity to deliver and distribute O2 within the capillary bed is impaired following eccentric exercise. In the present, we study the cell membrane function and oxygen delivery/oxygen utilization sequel to eccentric exercise. The laboratory has a rodent chamber, eccentric exercise equipment, microscopy for bio-imaging, cryostat, phosphorescence quenching equipment and EMG device.



In press
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